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What does it mean to have a Healthy Relationship?

So what is a healthy relationship? A healthy relationship starts with effective communication. Let your request, concerns, be made known to the other party. Assertive communication is an essential skill for developing and maintaining healthy relationships and self-esteem. Communicating assertively means clearly and calmly expressing what you want without either being too passive or aggressive. Set boundaries to your relationship. You must ask the question, “what do I want to get out of the relationship?” What makes you feel comfortable, make goals, and follow through with execution. Every relationship should be built on purpose and trust. To thrive in anything one must believe that the particular place or environment they are in is safe and secure. With time, and nurturing, you can have prosperous healthy relationships.

It will take hard work and require much effort and commitment. There must be a form of unity present between the two parties to make it work. To develop healthy relationships one must have a positive regard towards life. According to Psychology Today, there are many characteristics of healthy relationships:

  • Taking care of yourself develops healthy relationships with others

  • You and your partner/individual are playful with each other

  • You support your partners/individual ideas

  • Spend quality time together. Studies show at least five hours a week strengthens a relationship

  • Being mindful of the relationships in your life

  • Be nurturing and show admiration if you are a couple. You can identify more positive attributes about your partner/individual than negative

  • You trust your partner/individual

  • You grow with your partner/individual

  • Family events like dinner is proven to strengthen the family unit

  • Encourage organized activities with your children

  • Open communication without judging

  • You enjoy supporting your partner’s/individual exploration of personal goals and dreams, even when it doesn’t involve you

  • You frequently express appreciation and admiration

  • You are a team player or display teammate attributes

There are so many characteristics of a healthy relationship, the list could go on for days. So ask your self, am I in a healthy relationship?


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