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The Power of Positive Self-Talk

Tips for Creating a Positive Mind

Confidence in your abilities brings happiness.

Positive self-talk is a way of life, a positive perspective and thought process. The world defines positive self-talk as an inner voice that combines conscious thoughts with unconscious beliefs and biases about our self. It is the act or practice of talking to oneself either aloud or silently and mentally. Often times we are ruminating on negative experiences, messages, thoughts, or even words others have told us or we ourselves, that hinder us from moving forward. Your words have creative power to make or break you. So I ask the question, “What are you saying? Have you heard the saying, “We have not because we ask not”? Well let us start with speaking positive truths!

Here are four tips to making positive self-talk a reality in your life.

* Create and maintain a positive environment for positive vibes. Positive vibes come from hanging out with other positive people, meditating or listening to positive things such as uplifting podcasts, music or people. A positive environment equals positive vibes.

* Positive self-talk starts with stopping negative thoughts. In the world of Psychology we call that “Thought Stopping”. Sometimes this is hard to do. However, by telling ourselves “Stop” and replacing it with a positive thought or activity can help us be more mindful when we start to think negative. I like to tell myself to “stop tripping” and replace the thought with a positive alternative thought or go do something positive such as exercise, walking, watching a funny show, meditating or prayer. Find what works for you and identify and conquer those negative thoughts!

*Journal writing is another way of encouraging positive self-talk. Journaling about positive experiences in your day whether at the end of your day or throughout your day fosters healthier thoughts about yourself and how you view the world. What we focus on the longest becomes the strongest. If we choose to focus on our positive experiences daily we will eventually believe them and manifest them in our lives. Positive journaling produces positive self-talk. Start writing positive affirmation statements and speak them aloud and watch your perspective change!

*Identifying negative thoughts and what triggers them can enhance positive self-talk. Once you identify your negative thoughts, write them down, then write a opposite positive thought to counter act the negative thought. Sometimes when we see our negative thoughts on paper it helps us to be aware and see our negative thinking patterns or faulty thinking.

Create two columns in your journal, one side labeled negative thoughts and the other side positive thoughts. Rewrite all the negative messages you tell yourself and create positive alternates. So replace negative statements with positive statements. For every negative message there is a positive truth!


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