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How To Stay Organized With An Overwhelming Schedule

Summer is over and Fall is here, meaning school’s back in session and you' re more than likely recovering from a summer vacation, you've gone back to work after a few years off, and perhaps in a new profession embarking on a complete different career path than what you're familiar with. It could be that you've sent your child off to college and maybe you’re an empty nester and haven’t figured out what to do with all of your free time or maybe you’ve decided to go back to school yourself to finally complete your degree plan or start your doctoral program. Soccer and football season is in full force and coaching is now your extra curricular activity in addition to your regular day job, or you’re a stay at home parent homeschooling and running an online business and to top it all off; the holidays are vastly approaching.

No matter your title, life is happening and the weight of a busy life is overwhelming and can sometimes get the best of you. I’ve found that by strategically managing my time I keep myself on track and my family as well. In my home, if I’m unorganized and not focused, the entire family unit is off. I find that the best way to get things done in an orderly fashion is to prioritize daily task by first organizing your thoughts before committing to extra things outside your daily scope. For example, certain things must happen everyday like sending the kids off to school, getting ready for work, preparing lunch for the kids, and maybe yourself. Therefore, it may be a good idea to prepare lunch the night before, and lay everyone's clothes out the night before if not for the entire week. Scheduling these common daily task will save you time in the morning. Below are three tips to help you find balance and organization as you continue life in this new Season.

1. Repeat Positive Affirmations: "I have more than enough time to get things done". If you're a busy person and time just seems to be unmanageable, starting the day with an affirmation is a positive way to set the day up for success to ensure you complete your tasks with ease and smooth as possible. Recently, I realized there are 168 hours in each week confirming that indeed there is more than enough time to accomplish everything I need to get done and enough for you to do the same.

2. Routine is defined as a sequence of things that are regularly followed. Scientists claims that it takes 21 days to form a habit. The first seven days are always tough when creating change. Why? Because the brain is stubborn and despises change just as much as we do, making it difficult to snap out of a routine that you've been used to. The secret is to get started, persevere, keep moving and keep making it happen. By day 21, habit is formed and you’ve created a routine that's hard to break if you remain discipline.

3. Schedules are great tools as long as you don’t overwhelm your schedule. Make sure you are only committing to activities and events that are worth being added to your calendar and things that are important to you. Choose a calendar. I love calendar shopping, it's fun for me to shop for planners at the end of the year. Purchase a calendar and/or planner that's attractive, something you look forward to carrying along with you everyday. I hardly ever leave my house without it. It keeps me organized and makes me feel like a Boss. Because I’m a busy person, I color code my entries. Meaning, entries written in red ink are appointments I cannot miss. Entries written in orange ink are activities pertaining to family time and I can’t miss these either. Blue ink are work entries and well... I think you get the point. Schedules help you manage your time, keep you organized, declutters your mind and frees up space in your brain so you don’t have to remember everything. Successful people prioritize things in their life by creating a realistic schedule for themselves. And you can do the same!

Bonus Tip: Remember to Breathe and be Present, everyday in every moment and enjoy the journey.


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