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Healing from the Past

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

How do you let go of your past and embrace your future?

We must live in the now and present, because this is where God wants to reside in our lives. In His word, the Lord often uses the present tense to instruct us. "Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that work in us." God wants us to experience his blessings right now. We cannot change our past once it is done. God even stated in Matthew 6:34, that we should take no thought for tomorrow, for tomorrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Our focus needs to be on his word and our present condition.

Our believe system must be in line with God's word in order to receive complete healing spiritually and physically. I remember a time when I had to believe God for healing in my body. Yes, it is easy to quote the word (bible scriptures), but can you believe it and live it out to its full manifestation? Needless to say I did not receive my healing at that time. I thought maybe I did something to deserve this or I had sin in my life. Not only was I believing in healing physically but emotionally as well. Countless emotionally toxic relationships drained me of my faith in God. The only thing left to do was to believe God no matter what. I had to believe his word that I was healed and live in the present and look forward to my future. God said my latter will be greater than my former. That is what I had to believe and so I was. I was not accepting anything less.

Living in past mistakes or hurts will only hinder your faith walk in God and your potential to thrive in life. "If we don't let go of our past memories, it can be the paralyzing factor in your life." Lynette Lewis

So you must stay in the present at all times and don't let past mistakes or failures define you. The past is over and you are healed in Jesus name!

Now you are ready to accept God's plan for your life when you let go of the past. Set your meditation on God's word because total healing takes place in the mind!



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