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Updated: Aug 22, 2021

February 2021 Newsletter

Healthy Relationships

A Note From the Founder

Final Thoughts on 2020

31 Days of Wellness

6 Exercises to Build

Positive Emotions

A Note From the Founder By: Crystal Morris, M.Ed., LPC

As I reflect on 2020, several things have taken place, with many unknowns and uncertainties. Despite the ever-changing world, 2020 started as a year of vision and focus. For some, the double pandemic of COVID-19 and Black Lives Matter was an eye-opener to kick things into gear and propelled us to start our goals, advocate for social justice, and go after our dreams. Others, unfortunately, it was a time of loss and despair.

In this December newsletter, we would like to encourage you to reflect on obstacles you have overcome and take steps towards positive well-being by shifting your focus to the things you’ve accomplished this year. Too often, we magnify all the negative stuff in our lives instead of what is going right to encourage hope and optimism.

We will begin with articles by Jordan Mike, M.S., NCC on Final Thoughts of 2020, and Tori Dickerson-Foxworth, MBA, RYT on creating a healthy routine by joining her 31 days of Wellness challenge and a few tips to help you end the year with a positive perspective.

Remember to take time to show yourself grace, kindness, and compassion as we wrap up 2020!

Final Thoughts on 2020

By: Jordan D. Mike, M.S., NCC

“When will 2020 end?” This is a question we’ve asked or heard multiple times throughout this year. As a nation, we have faced great challenges throughout the year. From the outbreak of COVID-19, the fatigue from fighting racial and social injustice, the increasing urgency of climate change, to the divisive sociopolitical climate brought on during this election year. Maybe you have lost a job and income, maybe you have experienced months of separation and isolation, maybe you have experienced the grief of losing loved ones.

There has been no shortage of events that will have lasting effects on us. After the world seemed to come to a halt nine months ago, It can be rather challenging trying to determine how to move forward. This might not have been your best year; and you might not be your best self at the moment, but in these times, it is important to give yourself grace. As the year ends it is okay to grieve what has been lost, but also acknowledge that you have survived and made it to this point.

Despite the challenges and unpredictable nature of 2020, there is still hope for the future. It is important to highlight the positive events from this year, especially when the bad seems overwhelming. This is also the time to start reflecting on self-care routines that need to be implemented in your daily life moving forward. As we quickly move into a new year, I hope that we can move from a place of surviving to thriving.

By: Tori Dickerson-Foxworth, MBA, RYT

My name is Tori (@The.Yoga.Foodie) and I am a 200-hr registered yoga teacher and a clinical health psychology doctoral student. This month, I combined my personal mission of wellness with the principles of yoga to host the #31DaysofWellneschallenge.

For this challenge, each day I post about something I’m doing for my wellbeing and share it on my Instagram page to encourage others to do the same. I created this challenge because I wanted to normalize and de-exoticize the concept of wellness. It is a basic human necessity, and it is not a trend. Wellness and self-care have always been marketed to me as a luxury or something to do only when we’ve “earned it.”

#31DaysofWellness is my way of combatting that message by showing that wellness can come in multiple forms. Wellness can look like taking a few mindful moments throughout the day, finding rest, spending time in nature, or doing something that refills your cup. The point is that wellness does not have to be extravagant, but it does need to be intentional.

The purpose behind #31DaysofWellness is to encourage us to start incorporating wellness into our daily lives and hold each other accountable as we work towards collective healing.

6 Exercises to Build Positive Emotions

1. Journaling Three Blessings

2. Practicing Mindfulness

3. Practicing Loving-Kindness Meditation

4. Reframing Negative Events

5. Creating Positive Experiences

6. Holding a Good Posture

To learn how to practice and implement these exercises book a session today!


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