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Building Your Safe Place During a Crisis

  1. Shut off unnecessary noise by managing social media time. Often times we get caught up in the thoughts and ideas of others and it’s too much to handle. Remember, it’s their perspective, their life and their journey. I actually went on a 14 day fast from one of the popular social media platforms and it helped me to focus so much on important things. 

  2. Boost your immune system by drinking herbal teas. Boil orange peels in 2 cups of water to create a natural vitamin C tea, add a little honey and it’s yum yum good. Ginger-lemon tea also gives your immune system the boosts it needs to stay healthy, not only during this time but for the rest of your life. 

  3. Take walks in a park. Sit on your porch or balcony, with reading material, preferably first thing in the morning or late evening. I find this time to be serene and calming. Writing and journaling offers healing as well, perhaps you can journal about daily experiences. 

  4. Spend time doing things you love at home. Many are finding comfort in home projects, repurposing items, room makeovers, knitting, sewing masks, painting and many other things. As for me, I’ve found enjoyment in creating beauty products using herbal and essential oils. It's so rewarding to be present with whatever you find peace with doing. It’s called creating your own happy.


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